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K-9 Security Dogs CV is lead by Nico Sweebroek and his son Ralph.

Nico was already training dogs when he was a teenager, he did his sport always with full devotion and with a lot of passion.

In the beginning got Nico name with his breeding kennel “Van de Lobohoeve” called after a real known KNPV dog “Lobo”. After that he had a lot of name publicity with his kennel and also many dogs from his kennel did some good performances and took care of more good publicity in -and around the Netherlands. The kennel “Van de Lobohoeve” is automatic associated with the name Nico Sweebroek and since lately with Ralph.

Also look on www.lobohoeve.nl

When Nico started his kennel he passed for his certificate of knowledge in this study he learned everything about taking care and the anatomy from animals with particularly the pet animals.After this study there are always people coming to him for some good advise about health and other things.

On the moment he started his kennel he practised the KNPV program, after that he went to practise IPO/Schutzhund.In the IPO program he trained several dogs with the highest score of 293 points also he has all the dogs training insignia by the NBG ( Dutch association for working dogs) and by the NVBH ( Dutch association for Belgian Shepherds) and the all-round insignia platinum, who he have gotten for training 4 different dogs in a sort time and with Laekenois so it was a real good accomplishment.

Also has he been twice in the worldchampionship team of tracking. Also with a laekenois, he won three or four selection competitions. Both times he did not went to the world championships because illness and other circumstances. So Nico is already working with dogs 40 years.

Also Ralph started as teenager with training dogs, he got his first dog when he was ten years old, and this was very difficult in the beginning because of his age and the quality of the dogs. But even though with a lot of support from he was able to get his dog certified with IPO 276 points, it was not super but also not bad. After that he almost never mist a training. He always went with his dad to the training and competitions. Also with buying and selling dogs he always came with his dad. Ralph is further developed in taking care and training of the dogs. He even began doing big competitions with several dogs.

On his sixteenth he was forced to become a decoy because some of the decoy left our training club. This was very hard to learn after some courses and a lot of time by his dad and some other known trainers he became a decoy in six months so the judges found him already good enough for championships. After that he was decoy by dozen Championships or competions and gives decoy lessons himself and already did 2 seminars of a couple off a days and selected by the last 8 for the World championship FCI in Breda.





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