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Detection for schools, workplace, drug rehab and treatment centers, private residences, detention centers and jails, wherever unauthorized narcotics are suspected, K-9 Security Dogs can help you to locate illegal substances.Cooperating with and supporting local security companies, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, K-9 Security Dogs is available; as back up or lead as the need dictates.To learn more about how K-9 Security Dogs can support your clients facility through proactive advance searches and detection just contact us.

What we offer

We have the skill and experience to find and train working dogs. For the purposes of security for people or premises, detection or tell us what your needs are. We are happy to provide for police forces, militairy forces and other public sector authorities, security or other private sector businesses and private individuals.

We offer the Following:

- Narcotics Detection
- Explosive Detection
- Weapons Detection
- Currency K-9
- Tobacco and Cell Phone Detection
- Tracking
- Executive Protection
- Dual Purpose K-9's
- Master Trainer's Course
- SWAT Quality Dogs
- "Green" Untrained Dogs
- Police K-9
- Puppies of all beeds
- Females for breeding of all breeds
- Males for mating of all breeds


Dogs are extremely efficient at detecting drugs. So much so that regular employment of drug sniffer dogs is an effective deterrent as those potential visitors and staff who choose to handle or abuse drugs move on to venues or employment offering much lower resistance.

Protect your reputation - and your licence? 

At any event or location where you suspect the authorities are likely to take a healthy interest in your patrons a friendly looking dog on a lead with its handler can make all the difference. By deterring abusers you can reduce your own problems in having to deal with people who have abused substances to the point where it affects their behaviour. You have the added benefit of being able to show the police and licensing athorities you are taking a proactive lead in keeping your premises or events clear of drugs and drug abuse.

Dog Behaviours

Where the intention is to detect people, whether staff, patrons, visitors, members or students for instance, who are carrying or who have recently used drugs, upon detection, the dog will sit near the culprit. This is an obvious signal to the handler but a passive one. Hence nobody feels threatened and dealing with the offender can be expedited with a minimum of fuss. Also known as drug detection dogs, sniffer dogs can be used to detect where drugs are stashed. Let off the lead they will walk around a building, store, vehicle, park or other outdoor area keenly sniffing until they find where the stash is. Then they will stand or sit still close to where the drugs are looking straight at it until the handler acknowledges the find. About drugs prevention in schools we also can be helpfull. We quote experts as saying drug sniffer dogs should be used in all schools.
K-9 Security has worked well on a schools project. We have even helped householders suspicious of their own kids' associations, another activity we offer.

Further information

The most widely used dogs in drugs detection are cocker spaniels, springer spaniels and labradors. Their early breeding as gun dogs marks them out for sniffing and seeking abilities. Happily these breeds are familiar as family pets, making your staff and patrons less likely to feel intimidated.





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