K9 Unit Services

VAE trainings program

K-9 Security Dogs is the only company in the UAE that offers a trainings program,
given by our dedicated experienced trainers, to level up your K9 unit!
Training and working as a K9 Officer is not something that K-9 Security Dogs takes
lightly. We understand that the utilization of a K9 takes more than just classroom

Real life training

It takes hands on experience in real world scenarios. What sets us apart from the
rest, is our training, experience and canine selection. All of our canines come
from the Netherlands and are bred out of working line bloodlines.
This means that our canines are doing the same work that the bloodline has done for generations.
Our canines are trained differently than some police departments and security firms.
It is our intent to have the canine work in its intended capacity. Our canines are
taught to work in several extreme conditions. This applies to defense, offense as well

K9 Unit

Once the canine has been trained sufficiently, usually at 2 years of age, the canine
begins to work alongside your officers in the field. The K9 handler is responsible
for field searches, building clearing, suspect detection and apprehension, and
numerous other services. The difference is clear. When you combine proper genetics
and working line with well-trained handlers, you have the best trained K9 division
possible. When training K9 teams, K-9 Security Dogs ensures to provide kennel master

More information

Your company is already in the possession of K9 dogs?
If you would like to know more about our training? Please don't hesitate to give us
a call.

We can "scan" the K9 unit for you and present our advice to Level-Up your handlers
as well your dogs.





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